Matt Gross

Matt Gross

I'm a journalist.

Most recently, I was the editorial director at A little while ago, I was the editor of, and before that Once upon a time I was the Frugal Traveler for the NYT.

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Swim429 article
New York Magazine

One Life to Limn by Michiko Kakutani

Comment. By Matt Gross. ShareThis. Say what? For those unfamiliar with the word (yes, that included us), it means to outline something "in clear sharp detail....

New York Magazine

Matt Gross Archive

An archive of articles by Matt Gross for New York Magazine....

New York Magazine

Private Libraries

The New York Public Library on 42nd Street is a civic treasure. But the city is strewn with specialist collections and reading rooms that -- for modest fees -- offer  ......

New York Magazine

Fringe Festival 2003 - New York - Reviews

—Matt Gross. Comedy for Dummies "Grade Seven Theater" is just one of the many skits in this hourlong collection of Second City-style bits by a threesome of  ......

New York Magazine

Super Nova

Bagels and lox is a New York tradition -- but whose salmon is freshest?...

Travel050912 400 article
New York Magazine

The Ten-Point Escape Plan: Shanghai

... Escape Plan: Shanghai. Layers of history, futuristic skyscrapers, and a white- hot culture scene—plus karaoke and dumplings to boot. Comment. By Matt Gross ....

New York Magazine


Matt Gross's review may be based on an Americanized sushi experience ... I wouldn't trust Matt Gross's advice -- and I'd appreciate if he'd give some other ......

New York Magazine

I Need Space!

Comment. By Matt Gross. ShareThis ... Related: Archive: “Ask New York”; Articles by Matt Gross; Table of Contents: Nov 17, 2003 issue of New York | Subscribe!...

New York Magazine

Age of Anxiety

By Matt Gross. ShareThis. If 30 really is the new 21, then Book of Ages: 30 should relieve the anxiety of thirtysomethings who wonder why they haven't yet won ......

New York Magazine


I have to say that I don't agree with Matt Gross one bit. Every time I come into the city, I make it a point to stop at Dojo and grab a soy burger with their amazing ......

New York Magazine

Map No 2: The Bowery

... joints, and legendary bums. The flophouses survive, but now they're surrounded by celebrity lounges and multi-million-dollar lofts. By Matt Gross; Published ......

New York Magazine

Top 5 Quickie Ski Trips

4 Comments. By Matt Gross. ShareThis .... Related: Archive: “Top Five”; Articles by Matt Gross; Table of Contents: Feb 10, 2003 issue of New York | Subscribe!...

New York Magazine

Liquidating Your Life

ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY MATT GROSS, WILL DOIG, RIMA SUQI, AND MARION MANEKER. Share this story... Facebook; Twitter; Digg; ShareThis Counter ......

Mainstdymphnas article
New York Magazine

St. Dymphna's

... doesn't mind if the sound system plays a little too much Clapton, just as long as the bartender's eyes—Irish? Brazilian? Tibetan?—keep smiling. — Matt Gross ......