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Matt Gross

I'm a journalist.

Most recently, I was the editorial director at A little while ago, I was the editor of, and before that Once upon a time I was the Frugal Traveler for the NYT.

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Burma Blossoms

A once-impenetrable country reveals itself to Matt Gross one meal at a time. In Burma, the day begins, more often than not, with mohinga. It’s a fish noodle soup, and hardly flashy. The bowl of thin white rice noodles in yellowish broth, topped with crisp fritters and sometimes an egg, is...

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Runner’s High

Far above the plains where lions roam, there’s another Kenya, where life moves slowly and the people run fast. Writer Matt Gross tries to keep up. On a clear Thursday morning in November, in the hills of Iten, Kenya, approximately 50 men and women gathered for a weekly workout called...

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What It’s Really, Truly Like to Be a Travel Writer

“Travel writer” is, without question, the best job in the world: Who wouldn’t want to have wild adventures around the globe, then write up the results in publications read by millions of fervent dreamers who hoard their PTO in hopes of one day emulating your glories for a few days...

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Spin the Globe: Matt Gross in Tunis

AFAR chose a destination at random—by literally spinning a globe—and sent Matt Gross on a spontaneous journey to Tunisia. “You must marry an Arab woman,” said the taxi driver as he took me across Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Then he moved his eyes from the road to the rearview...

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The French Connection

If eating huge plates of pork, deciphering Montreal’s slang, and snowshoeing through the woods of Québec can’t bring two brothers together, what can? It is the middle of February in Montreal, and it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweat is bursting from every pore on my body—my chin, my knuckles, my ......

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How We Roll

In a plaza by the Brandenburg Gate, near the center of Berlin, lies a field of gray concrete slabs, each about eight feet long and three feet wide, some as little as eight inches high, others reaching just over 15 feet. The space between them forms a grid where visitors wander in...

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6 Restaurants to Try in Burma

In “Burma Blossoms” (October 2012), Matt Gross visits a recently reopened Burma to experience its cuisine—before the hordes of tourists get there. Here are six restaurants he recommends.Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee The uncharming décor—fluorescent lighting, concrete walls—belies this restaurant’s high-q......

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Things to Do in Kenya Photos, Guides, Itineraries

From $1,162 per person (based on double occupancy), P.O. This appeared in the July/August 2012 issue. Read Matt Gross's feature on running in Kenya....

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Things to Do in Myanmar Photos, Guides, Itineraries

Matt Gross. AFAR Contributing Writer. In a modern, air-conditioned space that is welcoming to foreigners, Feel serves an astounding variety of traditional ......

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Club Social, Montreal

Formerly a members-only spot, this is now the place where old Italians and young hipsters meet for expertly pulled espressos and a seat in a sunlit window. 180 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, (514) 495-0114....

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The Place for Mohinga

In a modern, air-conditioned space that is welcoming to foreigners, Feel serves an astounding variety of traditional Burmese food, from curries and some of Yangon’s best mohinga (the national fish noodle soup) to snake beans served with dried shrimp. 124 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha St., Yangon. This appea......

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Your Butler Awaits

An elegant survivor from the colonial era, the Strand once hosted Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling. A 1995 makeover decked it out in teak, mahogany, marble, and classic Victorian-style fixtures. The huge suites come with butlers. Doubles from $390, 92 Strand Rd., Yangon, 95/1-243-377. This ap......

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The 10 Best Travel Photos from Last Week

The UK charmed us more than once last week, as did these other top 10 travel photos from @afarmedia. Keep using #traveldeeper for a chance to be featured next week! Photo by @carolinacaruso...